Twitter for Authors

Do you feel as if you’re wasting your time on Twitter? Not a single book sold, despite all your efforts? Then Twitter for Authors is precisely what you need. It will do exactly what the title says: save you time, get you followers and grow your email list.     You will learn: how to … Continue reading “Twitter for Authors”




Which is worth more: the life of your unborn child or that of your sister? Start the epic fantasy today! Life has never been easy on Aea. Growing up among her fellow Duians in the secluded and protected forest realm of Thaduin, she misses her lost family. But, now pregnant herself, her troubled life seems … Continue reading “Desolation”






Lizoors and demons on the loose. The Magio Order in decay. The race for the Keystone Bone continues. Get back into The Keystone Bone trilogy today! Since the events in Desolation, winter has turned to spring and life throughout Thaduin has settled back into its ordinary routine. Or not quite! Aea has one item on … Continue reading “Degradation”


Fantasy Map Making

Have you ever struggled with map making? Spent countless hours trying to make it comply with the laws of nature? This book is a step-by-step guidebook that will teach you how to create an authentic fantasy map. You will gain all the knowledge necessary to complete a map which your audience will believe, no matter … Continue reading “Fantasy Map Making”