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Which is worth more: the life of your unborn child or that of your sister?

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Life has never been easy on Aea. Growing up among her fellow Duians in the secluded and protected forest realm of Thaduin, she misses her lost family. But, now pregnant herself, her troubled life seems finally to be turning for the better.

However, any Duian leaving the symbiotic shelter of the forest eventually dies of the deadly disease, the Field Blight. That is exactly the risk Aea will have to take when she discovers that her mother and sister are still alive.

Aea finds herself in a race against time, while an ancient demon lord begins his revenge against a world that imprisoned him eons ago. Even the great dragon, the last of his kin, will have to alter his plans of invasion to begin a chase for the long-forgotten Keystone Bone.

Desolation is the first book in the fantasy trilogy, The Keystone Bone. It’s a Dark Fantasy that will leave you begging for more.

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